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About Harmony Bookshop

Harmony Bookshop opened its doors on Varanasi’s Assi Ghat in December 1996. From the beginning, Harmony has been a cultural hub, bringing together academics, artists, researchers, and bibliophilic travelers for intellectual exchange and rich conversation.

In 2010, we decided to bring Harmony’s extensive collection online to reach out to our many old friends and customers outside Varanasi. Our goal is to bring the most interesting and important books around the world to the people who use them and love them. For readers and scholars outside India, we supply an extensive collection of books on Varanasi in particular and South Asia in general. For those within India, we bring in titles from the most influential academic presses in the UK and US.

Our offerings have grown exponentially as we work to bring our customers the most compelling titles available in India and the world. Our collection spans a diverse range of books on India and other subjects: academic texts by Indologists and social scientists, treatises on spirituality and yoga, sumptuous art books, literary fiction and much more. Universities, museums, yoga studios, and individual scholars abroad look to us to help build and expand their libraries.

We specialize in art books and scholarly titles, and are constantly expanding our collection of both Indian and international books. Please let us know if we’re missing something from your area of expertise – we love to learn about new books.

We invite you to browse our website and contact us about your interests – Harmony's team can provide consultancy services to develop your own book collection and find the right titles for your project or institution. We will ship books anywhere in the world.

-- Rakesh Singh
Founder, Harmony Bookshop

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