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Growing Up And Away : Narratives Of Indian Childhoods Memory History Identity
Author: Vijaylakshami Balakrishnan
ISBN: 9780198071266
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 2011
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Number of Pages: 288
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About Book
Tracing the evolution of child rights in India, the book gives an insight into the state-child relationship in the post-Independence era. It critically evaluates the initiatives taken for child development and for advancing the issue of child rights. It delves into Indian political history and studies how more than any other process, the violence and fears of partition have influenced the course of modern policy-making on child development. The author uses textual analysis and interviews to argue that after Independence the State has abdicated its responsibility towards children. It criticizes the State's relationship as it has moved from an initial reluctance and unwillingness to the current desire to retreat from long-term guardianship and support to children. It comprehensively examines child rights in relation to the market-oriented approach adopted by the state in recent times while critically evaluating the policy-making initiatives taken by the State in the changing social and economic scenario.
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