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Descent Into Chaos : How The War Against Islamic Extremism Is Being Lost In Pakistan Afghnistan And Central Asia
Author: Ahmed Rashid
ISBN: 9780141020860
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2008
Publisher: Penguin
Number of Pages: 560
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Book Awards
Shortlisted for Orwell Prize 2009.
About Book
The war on terror is being lost - but not just in Iraq. As this devastating book shows, the real crisis zone now lies in central Asia. Veteran reporter Ahmed Rashid has unparalleled access to the region and knows its leading players, from presidents to warlords. Here he documents how closely Pakistan's US-backed regime is linked with extremists; how broken promises in Afghanistan have led to a resurgent Taliban fed by drugs money; and how the largest landmass in the world is now a breeding ground for terrorism. In this story of squandered opportunities, misguided alliances and double-dealing, Rashid pinpoints with chilling accuracy where the true threat to our global security comes from.
About Author
Ahmed Rashid is Pakistan's premiere journalist, an expert on Central Asia, on jihad and Muslim extremists movements, on the Taliban and Al Qaeda, on insurgency, and on the catastrophe of US policy in this region, on which he has reported for 25 years. Author of three books, his work Taliban was a huge international bestseller, widely recognised as the definitive account. He has personally met and interviewed many of the key players in Central Asia and has travelled extensively for this book. He writes regularly for The Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, BBC Online and many other European and American dailies and websites.
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