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Implosion : Indias Tryst with Reality
Author: John Elliott
ISBN: 9789350297353
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 2014
Publisher: Harper Collins
Number of Pages: 400
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About Book
India gained independence from its colonial masters in 1947 and ever since then, its path to a better future has been riddled with obstacles. John Elliott tries to understand how India arrived at such a situation. Implosion: India's Tryst With Reality is India's journey through those obstacles in various ways leading to different results. John Elliott uses his vast experience as a political and business correspondent to examine how corruption now plagues almost every aspect of Indian life. He takes us through the Nehru-Gandhi years and analyses how those times influenced the present. The book scrutinises the impact of liberalisation and then builds up on the modern day unrest that exists amongst common Indians over corruption, land acquisition, rape and other issues. The author tries to uncover the secrets held in the ‘M Document', the blueprint for the 1991 reforms. The book also throws light on the foreign policies of governments and the issues afflicting the defense forces of the country. At the center of the issues, the author says, lies a poor attitude towards most problems. The hurry to get things done and a widespread disregard for rules is rotting the Indian society and its politics from within, he contends.
About Author
About the Author: John Elliott is a respected international journalist residing in Delhi, India. He came to India in 1983 when Financial Times opened its South Asia bureau. Since then, he has lived and worked in India and covered politics and business affairs. Since 1995, he has been writing for The Economist and Fortune magazine. He also writes a blog on India and South Asia called Riding the Elephant. Implosion: India's Tryst With Reality is his first book.
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